Michelle Garcia Holmes Calls Out Rep. Deb Haaland On Vital Crime Issue During Debate

Posted On October 12, 2020


ALBUQUERQUE, OCTOBER 12 — Republican Michelle Garcia Holmes made it clear during yesterday’s 1st Congressional District debate that Rep. Deb Haaland’s radical views and soft-on-crime approach have failed the state and made Albuquerque less safe. Crime highlighted the face-off, hosted by KOAT-TV and the Albuquerque Journal.

Garcia Holmes, who has both law enforcement and criminal justice experience, strongly made her case that under Haaland, Albuquerque has become one of the nation’s most violent cities per capita.

Garcia Holmes called out Haaland for voting to defund Operation Legend, a Trump Administration initiative that’s already led to the arrests of dozens of violent offenders in Albuquerque. Garcia Holmes also reminded viewers that Haaland referred to the destruction of property by violent protestors in Downtown Albuquerque as “random petty acts of vandalism.” Haaland seemed unsettled when asked about wanting to eliminate qualified immunity.

It’s obvious that Garcia Holmes stands for law and order. Haaland does not.

Throughout the debate, the Republican offered specifics on fighting crime while the incumbent seemed nervous and tried to dodge the issue at times. Garcia Holmes offered solutions and exposed the Representative’s weak record.

“Michelle Garcia Holmes showed New Mexicans why she deserves to go to Congress. She proved to viewers that she’s someone who will go to Washington and truly fight for them,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce. “She’s an experienced law and order candidate who understands the crime crisis here. It’s obvious that Rep. Haaland is out of touch with her constituents when it comes to this problem. Haaland just doesn’t get it. Statistics don’t lie. It’s time we set our priorities, and Haaland has failed her District miserably, and constituents don’t feel safe. Garcia Holmes has real answers, and when she’s in Congress, she’ll get results that will mean improved public safety here at home.”


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