Michael Sanchez Hosts Valencia County Job Fair, Most Not Hiring in Valencia County

Posted On March 31, 2016

Michael Sanchez Hosts Valencia County Job Fair, Most Not Hiring in Valencia County

Albuquerque, NM – On Wednesday Senate Democrat Boss Michael Sanchez hosted a “job fair” at Belen Middle School, but the majority of the organizations at the fair were not hiring, and most that were had no jobs available locally in Valencia County.

“A job fair with no jobs is really a perfect metaphor for the Democrats economic policies,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Spokesman Tucker Keene. “Perhaps if Michael Sanchez and the Senate Democrats hadn’t repeatedly stood in the way of pro-job legislation there would have been more private-sector businesses to attend a job fair and hire qualified workers.”

Of the organizations that attended the job fair in Belen, most were local union chapters and public sector groups. Only one private business was hiring in Valencia County, and most available jobs were not local to Belen or Los Lunas. At least eight organizations in attendance did not even have job openings to promote.

“I’m not sure why Sanchez would waste the time of his constituents by packing his job fair with groups that had no jobs to offer,” said Keene. “This must have been incredibly disappointing and frustrating for locals in search of new opportunities. Sanchez appears to be more concerned with promoting his own reelection campaign than with promoting jobs in his community.”


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