Liberal State Rep. Visits Cuba, Says NM Should Follow Castro’s Lead

Posted On April 21, 2016

Liberal State Rep. Visits Cuba, Says NM Should Follow Castro’s Lead

Albuquerque, NM – State Rep. Javier Martinez recently took a trip to Communist Cuba organized by the Castro Government’s Ministry of Public Health. Upon returning, he gave an interview to the New Mexico Political Report in which he praised the Communist regime’s healthcare system, saying that Cubans were better off than New Mexicans.

In the interview, headlined “Healthcare Access Better for Poor in Cuba than NM, Says Lawmaker.” Javier Martinez calls the Cuban system the “envy of most industrialized nations” and said that he “sees a lot of similarities between the conditions of the Cuban people and the conditions of people here in New Mexico.”

“The admiration that Javier Martinez shows for the Communist Castro Regime is really shocking,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Spokesman Tucker Keene. “To claim that New Mexicans, who have more than double the GDP per capita than Cubans, are worse off than Cubans because they don’t have a state-run healthcare system is truly ridiculous. Javier Martinez returned from Cuba a pawn of the Castro’s propaganda machine.”

Javier Martinez’s praise of Communist Cuba and the Castro Regime extended beyond their state-run healthcare system, he also said that the individual rights Americans hold dear get in the way of what he likes most about Cuba, particularly the Second Amendment. When asked his opinion on Castro, he refused to say he was a bad person, despite his long history of oppression, sponsoring terrorism, and human rights abuses.

“The entire purpose of the Second Amendment is to protect America against dictatorships like the Castro Regime in Cuba,” said Keene. “If Cubans had the same right to self-defense that Americans have, a communist leader like Fidel Castro could never have come to power. The Second Amendment and the freedoms it helps protect are something to be proud of in America, not to lament.”


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