We support government policies that do not limit what Americans can achieve economically by placing unnecessary and burdensome regulations on American businesses. These policies should promote the private sector over government dependence, reward job creation and work — not welfare.

Capitalism rewards those who contribute value to others’ lives through new inventions, innovation, and excellent service.

The United States has fallen from the top five most economically free countries to number twenty. The lives of America’s people reflect how much economic freedom we have lost.

We support helping reverse those losses and regain our economic freedom by working to elect leaders and promote legislation that will allow the American free-market system to thrive once again.

We support excellence in education through accountability, parental involvement, local control, and school choice. These are the keys that will allow our children to succeed and give them the ability to compete in a complex and changing world. We reject education policies that trap minorities, the disadvantaged or any other child in a failing school. We reject policies that take away the rights of parents to choose the education they believe will be best for their children.

We support and welcome all legal immigrants, and others, who follow the proper legal channels to come here and are tax-paying, law-abiding citizens. We believe that anyone who migrates to our country should respect our laws, our culture, learn English and want to become a proud American. These are reasonable expectations and no different than those that any other country expects from its new citizens.

We support legislation that promotes and strengthens the family and preserves the sanctity of marriage.

We support a Constitutional amendment that defines marriage as between one man and one woman.

We believe in the protection and sanctity of life for all human beings, including the unborn.

We support preserving and abiding by The Constitution of the United States of America. The Constitution was written by men who put their faith in God and the idea that all people are created equal. That our freedoms come from God and no person or government can infringe upon them. Our Constitutional form of government established has overseen the nation that became the greatest and freest country in the history of the world. The founders created a system of checks and balances with three separate branches of government to protect this nation. We must continue to protect these liberties and freedoms guaranteed to us by The Constitution if we are to continue to endure as the great United States of America.

The Constitution is the guide which I will never abandon.”

George Washington

We support legislation and leaders who recognize and respect the authority of our state and federal Constitutions, and work to limit government interference in our lives.

The bigger our government gets, the less free we become. The concepts of individual liberty and states’ rights that our founders intended, and established, have made America great. Today those ideas and our liberty are under assault by the very government intended to serve and protect us. We will continue to fight for and protect The Constitution of the United States of America.

We support accessible healthcare for all New Mexico citizens and the preservation of healthcare benefits for the elderly. We support health care between you and your doctor, not the government! We encourage private sector, free-market solutions to our healthcare concerns.
We support protecting the integrity of our borders which is vital to ensuring the safety of the citizens of New Mexico and the country. We urge all state and local law enforcement agencies to fully cooperate and support federal law enforcement efforts to secure our borders and prevent illegal entry. We support all constitutional activities to detect terror threats and prevent terrorist attacks on the United States.
We support the right to bear arms and believe that right shall not be infringed upon.  The right to bear arms is the right that protects all of our other rights guaranteed to us. Our founders envisioned a country where the people were in control, not the government, and the Second Amendment helps preserve the sovereignty of the people. The Second Amendment enables law-abiding gun owners to protect themselves, their homes, their families and their freedom.
We support that every eligible citizen should have the right to vote and anyone who is not a legal United States citizen should not be allowed to vote in our elections. We support enacting legislation that protects everyone’s individual vote and the integrity of our electoral process by requiring proof of identity and citizenship to vote at the polls. Voting is a privilege and a duty and fraudulent votes disenfranchise the votes of every American citizen.