ICYMI: State Auditor’s Office Facing Lawsuit, Keller Possibly Violated New Mexico’s Governmental Conduct Act

Posted On July 23, 2015

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State Auditor’s Office Facing Lawsuit, Keller Possibly Violated New Mexico’s Governmental Conduct Act


Albuquerque, NM- Today, the New Mexico Political Journal uncovered a lawsuit currently being filed against the New Mexico State Auditor, Tim Keller. The lawsuit comes from a highly reputable American Indian Activist who is concerned with Keller violating New Mexico’s Governmental Conduct Act.




KELLER ACCUSED IN FEDERAL LAWSUIT. Highly Honored American Indian Activist says Keller was “improperly paid.

New Mexico Political Journal

Thursday, July 23, 2015






Hopi Indian activist Nikishna Polequaptewa has specifically named New Mexico State Auditor Tim Keller in a lawsuit, accusing him of being “improperly paid” to convince constituents to get contracts for Blue Stone Strategy Group, a Delaware limited liability company operating out of Irvine, California.
Polequaptewa is a highly decorated American Indian activist who has earned presidential and congressional recognition for his activism. President Clinton included him in the 2009 “Native American 40 under 40 Award” list and the University of California-Irvine gave him the “Living Our Values Award” in 2008.
He’s also won “Special Congressional Recognition” from US Senator Barbara Boxer and US Representative Ken Calvert.


Violations of the Governmental Conduct Act

Polequaptewa seems to be zeroing in on specific provisions of New Mexico’s Governmental Conduct Act. The Act states:

“The legislator…shall use the powers and resources of public office only to advance the public interest and not to obtain personal benefits or pursue private interests.” (10-16-3)
And goes on to say:

“the legislator shall refrain from references to the legislators’ legislative capacity…” (10-16-9.B)


Blue Stone only Lists Keller as “Senator.”  He’s Never Mentioned as “Economist.”

Blue Stone‘s own literature focuses on Keller as a politician. Significantly, Keller is never referenced as an “economist” as he sometimes claims to be.
In his capacity as a Blue Stone employee Keller is continually referenced only by his political title. Blue Stone brochures and online publications state:
“Our core team of experienced leaders makes us especially equipped to meet the real challenges of updating today’s Tribal governments and organizations.


“New Mexico Senator Tim Keller came to Blue Stone five years ago with a background in corporate organization.”

“Updating organizational structure is essential,” says Senator Keller.


“Their original ways of governance is [sic] often diluted with outsider notions of how government should run,” notes Senator Keller.


“The idea,” says Senator Keller, “is that a thoughtful update should help resolve those competing interests.”



Bottom Line:  We Report, You Decide.

New Mexico Political Journal has written about this case and about these issues for weeks.  We have detailed how Keller has used his position to help his clients who are paying him, and who are openly touting him—NOT as an economist, but as a New Mexico State Senator!
We’ve provided example after example.
All these things have been visible for those who are interested.


Now there is a federal lawsuit alleging the same things.


See for Yourself


In any case, all of this can be viewed online.
The case is:
BLUE STONE STRATEGY GROUP, LLC a Delaware limited liability company,



an individual, and DOES 1-5


Case: SACV 14-1888 CJC-DFM


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