ICYMI: SAY WHAT?! Senate Boss Sanchez says NM has the toughest DWI laws in the country

Posted On January 20, 2016

SAY WHAT?! Senate Boss Sanchez: NM has the toughest DWI laws in the country

Santa Fe, NM – Senate Boss Michael Sanchez had a lot to get off his chest during yesterday’s rambling tirade at a press conference. He ranted against the media and complained about seating in the House Gallery. But what’s the most stunning statement he uttered? That New Mexico has the toughest DWI laws in the country. Say what?!

“We do have some of the toughest laws in the country,” Sanchez said about New Mexico’s DWI laws.

The facts show that Sanchez is wrong. According to Wallet Hub, New Mexico ranks 33rd in the nation for overall strictness of DWI laws and ranks 49th when it comes to criminal penalties rank for DUI.

The recent arrest of Arturo Lucero for his 7th DWI is further evidence that offenders do not take current penalties seriously.  Dashcam footage recorded by New Mexico State police shows Lucero joking about the fact he was drinking and driving.  When an officer asked him how much he had to drink, Lucero replied, “not enough.”

House Republicans have sponsored several bills to combat DWI in New Mexico.

  • Rep. Paul Pacheco filed HB 81 which would toughen penalties for repeat DWI offenders whose licenses have been revoked or suspended.
  • Rep. Jim Dines filed HB 82 which would allow judges to impose stricter penalties on DWI felons.
  • Reps. Sarah Maestas Barnes and Rod Montoya filed HB 83 which would crack down on repeat DWI offenders by increasing the penalties for fourth and subsequent DWI offenses.


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