Legislator Pre-Filed Bill to Close Dangerous Loophole That Leaves Children Vulnerable to Child Predators

Santa Fe, NM – Rep. Kelly Fajardo pre-filed legislation, HB 30, that would close a dangerous loophole that allows child predators to send pornographic images to a child under 16 without criminal penalties.

Currently, it is a fourth degree felony for a predator to send a picture of their own genitalia to a child. This bill would close the loophole by making it a fourth degree felony to send pornographic pictures of any naked body to a child.

“We cannot continue to leave our children vulnerable to dangerous sexual predators,” Fajardo said. “We need to close the loophole and protect our children.”

It is common for predators to use inappropriate images to solicit children.  These predators will often use images of another person to avoid criminal punishment.

“We must send a message to child predators that the distribution of indecent images to children will not be tolerated. It is a sexual offense and perpetrators need to be punished,” Fajardo said.

This is the third time Fajardo has proposed this bill. Last year, the bill passed the House unanimously, but it died in Senate Judiciary Committee before it could be brought to a vote on the Senate Floor.