Hillary Clinton’s Economy Means Higher Taxes, Fewer Jobs for America

Posted On August 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s Economy Means Higher Taxes, Fewer Jobs for America 

Albuquerque, NM –On Thursday, Hillary Clinton gave an economic speech that was light on specifics and heavy on attacking the common sense economic message Donald Trump shared Monday.

In an attempt to cover up her long-time support for higher taxes and trade deals that benefit elite corporations at the expense of working Americans, Clinton spoke more about what she’s against than what she’s for.

“For a speech about economics, Hillary spoke surprisingly little about her support for liberal economic policies,” said Republican Party of New Mexico spokesman Tucker Keene. “Her advisers are saying they’ll hike taxes by more than $1 trillion, and instead of talking about that she spoke out against ‘bad trade deals’ like the ones she and her husband fought for in the 90’s. These are the tired ideas of yesterday and stand in stark contrast to the modern vision and worker-centric economic policy that Donald Trump proposed earlier this week.”

Trump has modernized the traditional Republican message of lower taxes, fewer burdensome regulations and responsible spending in a way that can appeal to middle class and working class Americans who have been burned by the Clinton-Obama economy. Too many people have seen their jobs move overseas as the liberal policies of the past eight years have made it too difficult to do business in America. Trump’s pro-growth, pro-worker policies laid out Monday will restore the American economy to greatness and prepare us for the future.


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