Hillary Clinton Uses Tragedy to Advance Anti-Gun Agenda, Ignores Actual Problem Just Like Obama

Posted On June 14, 2016

Hillary Clinton Uses Tragedy to Advance Anti-Gun Agenda, Ignores Actual Problem Just Like Obama

Albuquerque, NM – In the wake of the horrific terrorist attack on the Pulse night club in Orlando, Florida over the weekend, the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton have once again cynically taken the opportunity to cast blame upon and restrict the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.

Hillary Clinton has renewed her fight for a ban on “assault weapons,” calling Mondayfor a push to take “weapons of war” off the streets. Like clockwork, Senate Democrats have jumped on the tragedy to attempt to further their agenda.

“Responding to a terrorist attack against the LGBT community with a plea to infringe upon the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans is the absolute wrong response,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Spokesman Tucker Keene. “With the ongoing threat of attacks perpetrated by ISIS on American soil, the LGBT community and others need the ability to protect themselves now more than ever.”

ISIS has made it their mission to exterminate the LGBT community in the Middle East, and now they’ve brought the fight to America. ISIS is killing innocent Americans and yet Hillary and the Democrats seem more outraged by the perpetrator’s weapon of choice than they are by the goal he sought with that weapon.

“The Second Amendment’s purpose is not to protect the rights of hunters and sportsmen, its purpose has always been to protect the rights of all Americans and ensure they can defend themselves against those who would infringe upon their God-given right to life,” said Keene. “ISIS and other radical Islamic terrorist groups across the world have targeted, and will continue to target, Americans — and the LGBT community specifically — because they bravely assert their rights. Diminishing our ability to defend against ISIS’s attacks on our freedom by weakening the Second Amendment shows an irresponsible and reckless misunderstanding of not only the threat ISIS poses but also of our Founders’ vision for America. We must stand strong in our fight against ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism.”


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