Former Governor Bill Richardson Goes All In and “Wholeheartedly” Endorses Hillary Clinton

Posted On August 24, 2015

Former Governor Bill Richardson Goes All In and “Wholeheartedly” Endorses Hillary Clinton

Albuquerque, NM– As talk continues of a surprisingly weak Hillary Clinton presidential campaign followed by growing speculation that Vice President Joe Biden may decide to run for President, one prominent New Mexico Democrat is standing firm with Hillary Clinton. Former Governor Bill Richardson told ABC News yesterday that he is “wholeheartedly” supporting Hillary Clinton for President.

“It is not surprising that a former Governor who himself was surrounded by scandal has come out in support of Hillary, who has the same propensity for scandal,” said Debbie Maestas, Chairman for the Republican Party of New Mexico. “Hillary Clinton and Bill Richardson have something else in common: the voters no longer trust them.”

After endorsing now President Barack Obama in 2008, Richardson told ABC News that he and the Clintons have “patched up” their relationship.

Former Governor Richardson is no stranger to New Mexico politics. After being Governor for 8 years embattled by pay-to-play scandals, he has become one of New Mexico’s least popular politicians.

Hillary Clinton has also seen her poll numbers decline sharply. A majority of Americans do not find her honest or trustworthy. On top of that, recent polls show that more and more voters have an unfavorable view of the former First Lady.

Further background information is below:

On  Sunday, Former Governor Richardson Said He “Wholeheartedly” Endorsed Hillary Clinton On ABC News “‘I have spoken to President and Secretary Clinton and we have patched up our disagreement from the 2008 election,’ the statement read. ‘I am pleased to announce I wholeheartedly support Secretary Clinton’s candidacy for the Presidency. …” (“Former Governor Richardson Endorses Hillary Clinton,” ABC News, 8/23/15)

Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal Reported Vice President Joe Biden Is Reportedly Closer To Entering The Race For The White House. “Vice President Joe Biden who has long been considering a presidential bid, is increasingly leaning toward entering the race if it is still possible he can knit together a competitive campaign at this late date, people familiar with the matter said.” (“Joe Biden Is Leaning Toward A 2016 Run,” Wall Street Journal, 8/23/15)

A CNN Poll From Last Week Showed Hillary Clinton’s Poll Numbers Dropped Substantially From Previous Years. “A CNN/ORC Poll released Wednesday indicates the 53 percent of U.S. adults currently see Clinton unfavorably, more than twice the 26 percent who looked negatively upon Clinton in September 2011.” (“Hillary Clinton’s Unfavorable Rating Doubles In Four Years,” The Washington Free Beacon, 8/19/2015).

For Past Few Months, Hillary Clinton Continues To Be Seen As Not Honest And Trustworthy. “The Q poll trend line shows a steady line of distrust towards Clinton.  In May 39 percent of people said she was honest and trustworthy. In April that number was 38 percent. And, before you dismiss Clinton’s honesty issue as simply the carping of Republicans, look inside the Q numbers.  Just 31 percent of independents describe her as honest and trustworthy while 62 percent say she is not. One in five Democrats (19 percent) say Clinton is not honest and trustworthy(!).”  (“ Hillary Clinton: As Honest And Trustworthy As Donald Trump,” The Washington Post, 7/30/2015)


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