DPNM Unclear What They Stand For After Party Revolts Against Leadership’s Platform

Albuquerque, NM – During their Pre-Primary Convention this past weekend, Democrat delegates rejected the party platform put together by DPNM leadership, leaving voters without a clear idea of what Democrats stand for. DPNM rules do not address what happens in the event that delegates reject a proposed platform.

“Democrat Party leaders are so out of touch with the members of their own party that they didn’t fathom the possibility that their platform could be voted down,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Spokesman Tucker Keene. “Leadership tried to clean up the platform and remove references to discredited conspiracy theories about GMOs and vaccines, decriminalized marijuana and support for the anti-freedom of speech Fairness Doctrine, but their delegates are intent on keeping their party on the far-left fringe.”

The old platform included support for anti-science policies like government-mandated labels for GMO products and the theory that thiomersal in vaccines caused autism.

According to an article in the New Mexico Political Report, opposition to the changes was driven by members who did not feel the proposed platform adequately detailed the Democrats’ far-left agenda and lacked the “teeth” of the old platform.