DPNM Establishment Ignores Rules, Wishes of Half their Party to Endorse Hillary Clinton

Posted On June 9, 2016

DPNM Establishment Ignores Rules, Wishes of Half their Party to Endorse Hillary Clinton

Albuquerque, NM – Despite a razor-thin margin in the New Mexico primary Tuesdaynight, the Democrat establishment here has lined up behind Hillary Clinton, against the wishes of 49% of their voters who did not want to support someone being investigated by the FBI for endangering national security.

While Sanders is still in the race and vowing to compete for the support of Democrat party insiders known as superdelegates at the convention in Philadelphia in July, every superdelegate in New Mexico, including Democrat Party Chair Debra Haaland, has endorsed Hillary Clinton against the will of half their party.

“Democrat voters in New Mexico are understandably unexcited about Hillary Clinton, but it appears the elite party establishment in the state has no qualms about lining up behind a candidate best known for her opportunism, dishonesty and corruption,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Spokesman Tucker Keene. “Bernie Sanders is still contesting the nomination, and the Democrat’s Uniform State Rules dictate that the Chairwoman stay impartial in primary races. The DPNM establishment is so embarrassed by their own party’s base that they have broken their own state rules to try to tip the scales in Clinton’s favor.”

Rule 5-2.E. of the Democrat Party of New Mexico’s Uniform State Rules states that the State Chairperson shall “refrain from using his/her office to advance the cause of any individual candidate including himself/herself for office in the Democratic Primary Election,” and yet Haaland and other leaders of DPNM are so eager to forget that a near-majority of their party base voted for radical socialism that they’ve ignored the rules and played favorites in their primary.

“This is a year which has been characterized by voters pushing back against the party establishment on both sides, and this just reinforces how out of touch the Democrats in New Mexico are with their voters,” said Keene. “New Mexicans overall do not want Hillary Clinton and are less than enthusiastic about the prospect of her presidency, yet DPNM leadership still doesn’t get it.”


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