Democrats Wage False And Misleading Smear Campaign On Public Lands

Posted On August 29, 2017

Democrats Wage False And Misleading Smear Campaign On Public Lands

ALBUQUERQUE- New Mexico Democrats’ talking points on the Interior Department’s recommendations for New Mexico’s national monuments aren’t lining up with the facts.  

DPNM attempted to misinform New Mexican voters on the truth about Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s proposed changes to a handful of monuments. Even though Zinke did not state New Mexico’s monuments would be included, DPNM continued to mislead the public.

Here are statements from Zinke making it clear there would be no sell-off of public lands:

“‘I’ve heard this narrative that somehow the land is going to be sold or transferred,’ Zinke told the AP. ‘That narrative is patently false and shameful. The land was public before, and it will be public after.’” (Albuquerque Journal, 8/24/17)

So did DPNM cease their attacks? Hardly. Instead, they doubled down with their attempts to smear Republicans like Congressman Steve Pearce and Governor Susana Martinez.



“Democrats need to be held accountable for this false smear campaign,” said RPNM spokesman Dominic Pacheco. “Unable to offer voters anything but the same tired ideas that have lost election after election, Democrats have resorted to twisting the facts in order to attack Republicans. While Republicans are working to move New Mexico forward, offering real economic and educational solutions to this state, Democrats are shamefully propagating attacks to score political points.”