Democrats Hide from Constituents, Schedule Pro-Life Bill Hearings During Church

Posted On March 4, 2017

Democrats Hide from Constituents, Schedule Pro-Life Bill Hearings During Church

Albuquerque, NM – Democrats in the Legislature have scheduled hearings for two Pro-Life bills for this Sunday at 10 a.m., when many of their religious constituents would be in church and unable to appear at the Roundhouse in support of the legislation.

HB 220, a bill limiting abortions to 20 weeks or earlier in the pregnancy, and HB 221, requiring parental notification of abortions, have both been scheduled to be heard in the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee at 10 a.m. Sunday March 5th. After Democrats voted down a bill to protect infants born alive following unsuccessful abortions on Thursday, they evidently don’t want to pro-life constituents when they vote against these two bills as well.

“After the blow-back House Democrats saw on Thursday following their vote against protecting infants born alive, they understandably would prefer to avoid contact with pro-life constituents when the vote against two other common-sense pro-life bills on Sunday,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Spokesman Tucker Keene. “This is a transparent attempt by House Democrats to avoid accountability for their pro-abortion votes. Make no mistake, their spineless tactics will be remembered by their constituents.”

Unfortunately for House Democrats, a prayer service has been planned by Pastor Brian Alarid in the state capitol an hour before the hearings begin, ensuring that Democrats will have to face religious voters if they vote to kill this popular legislation.


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