Democrats Deny New Mexicans Freedom to Work

Posted On March 10, 2015

Santa Fe, NM — Democrats on the Senate Public Affairs Committee defied the wishes of New Mexicans by voting against a bill that would protect their right to choose not to financially support a union and still keep their jobs.

In addition to protecting New Mexicans’ freedom to work, Rep. Dennis Roch’s bill would have raised the minimum wage and allowed New Mexico to join the more prosperous states around us — all of which have higher average incomes — as a right-to-work state.

“Tonight Democrats voted to keep New Mexicans down. Instead of fulfilling their obligation to serve the wishes of the people, Senate Democrats chose once again to be a road block and make New Mexicans the pawns in their political gamesmanship,” said Paige McKenzie, Communications Director for the Republican Party of New Mexico, “New Mexico continues to take steps backward and once again misses an opportunity for job creation.”

In spite of the fact that recent Albuquerque Journal polling showed 60 percent of New Mexicans oppose being forced to pay union dues, Senate Democrats had no qualms about stating their intention not to let freedom to work bills see the light of day.

In 2014, heavily government-dependent New Mexico lost out on 650 private sector jobs when Tesla chose to build its gigafactory in right-to-work Nevada.

“New Mexico didn’t just lose out on 650 jobs when Tesla chose Nevada; we lost out on all the jobs in other industries that would have come here because of the Tesla factory,” McKenzie said.

A March 6 Albuquerque Journal article revealed that New Mexico is once again near the bottom with a workforce participation rate that ranks 45th in the nation, due to half of those unemployed having given up looking for work.
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