Democrat Senator Sapien Runs Scared, Skips Planned Debate with Opponent Diego Espinoza

Posted On June 28, 2016

Democrat Senator Sapien Runs Scared, Skips Planned Debate with Opponent Diego Espinoza

Albuquerque, NM – Democrat State Senator John Sapien had promised his supporters on Facebook that he would attend a candidate forum alongside his Republican opponent Diego Espinoza last week, but when the forum began Sapien was nowhere to be seen.

The candidate forum was organized by the Albuquerque Tea Party and Sen. Sapien posted on Facebook that he would attend the June 21 forum earlier that day, telling supporters it would be his first opportunity to meet Espinoza in person and “see the difference in leadership.” He later deleted the post and ran scared from the debate with Espinoza.

“The voters of SD 9 deserve to see the contrast between Sen. Sapien and Diego Espinoza,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Spokesman Tucker Keene. “Sen. Sapien’s and the Democrat-led Senate’s record of obstructionism and pandering to far-left special interests is indefensible, and for Sapien to duck out of appearing in this forum shows that he too understands that defending that record will not win him any votes.”

Sen. Sapien is facing a strong challenge from Espinoza, who has routinely out-raised him this year. Even Democrats are unhappy with Sapien’s record, and Sapien arrogantly claimed he was never worried about winning the primary. Unlike Sen. Sapien, Espinoza is actively campaigning in the community and making his case to voters on a daily basis.

“Sen. Sapien knows he is unable to run on his record as a Senator, and he’s trying to avoid defending it as long as he can,” said Keene. “Sen. Sapien cannot continue to hide from the constituents he claims to represent, and it’s arrogant of him to think he’s above campaigning for their votes simply because he’s the incumbent.”