Democrat Derrick Lente Opted for Personal Photo Shoot Over Important Committee Meetings

Posted On September 7, 2017

Albuquerque, NM- Democrat State Representative Derrick Lente missed important committee meetings yesterday, opting instead to buddy up with filmmakers.While the Water and Natural Resources Committee and the Indian Affairs Committee were meeting on Wednesday to conduct the business of governing the state, Rep. Lente, who is a voting member on both committees, decided he would rather rub elbows with glamorous filmmakers. In a Facebook picture posted by the Representative late Wednesday night, Lente is seen grinning for the camera, enjoying the limelight, and relaxing on his day off.

While getting a taste of the Hollywood-Star lifestyle, his colleagues were discussing opportunities for Native American Veterans provided by the US Department of Defense and the Arizona Water Settlements. Not only did Lente shirk his responsibilities as a legislator, he did so while promoting a progressive film that takes aim at the oil and gas industry, an industry that contributes roughly 11.3 billion dollars to our the New Mexico economy and provides over 100,000 jobs to hard working New Mexicans.

“It’s disappointing to see Rep. Lente using his elected office for personal gain while neglecting the State of New Mexico’s interests.” said Dominic Pacheco, spokesperson for the Republican Party of New Mexico. “Though he gives lip service to creating jobs and economic development, it is evident that he will continue to work against the one industry in our state that continually supports the budget and our children’s education.”