As Other States Move Toward Right to Work, Some New Mexico Lawmakers Continue to Block Reform

Posted On August 28, 2015

As Other States Move Toward Right to Work, Some New Mexico Lawmakers Continue to
Block Reform

Albuquerque, NM- A recent article discussed the possibility that Ohio becoming the 26th right-to-work state in the country. As other states move in the right direction, here in New Mexico, we continue to struggle with some New Mexico lawmakers who won’t even allow a right-to-work bill to come to the floor for a vote.

“Union dues should not be mandatory,” said Pat Garrett, spokesman for the Republican Party of New Mexico. “The right-to-work issue is a prime example of Senators John Sapien, Daniel Ivey-Soto and Michael Sanchez stonewalling attempts to allowing New Mexico to create more jobs.”

During the past legislative session, a bill that would give workers the choice to join a union or not was able to pass the New Mexico State House but died in the State Senate. An attempt to bring the bill to the floor failed on a party line vote.

“Republicans will continue to fight for this type of legislation, but do not expect positive progress for New Mexico until Sapien, Ivey-Soto and Sanchez are no longer in the legislature,” Garrett concluded.

A majority of New Mexico voters support right-to-work legislation. In fact, the recent Albuquerque Journal Poll pegged support at 60%.

Further background information is below:

Senate Democrats Refused To Allow Legislation That Would Have Given Employees The Choice To Join A Union Or Not To Come To The Senate Floor For A Vote.“Republicans tried but failed Thursday to move the bill they call “right-to-work” straight to the full New Mexico Senate, saying they did not want it bottled up in committees controlled by Democrats. The vote to blast the bill to the Senate floor failed 25-17 on a party-line vote. Every Democrat opposed sending the bill directly to the entire Senate.” (“Effort To ‘Blast’ Right-To-Work Onto Senate Floor Falls Flat,” Santa Fe New Mexican, 3/5/15)

Majority Of New Mexicans Support Right-To-Work. “Sixty percent of those surveyed said workers should not be required, as a condition of employment, to pay union dues or fees in organizations that have collective bargaining agreements with unions.” (“Journal Poll: Voters Say Union Fees Should Not Be Mandatory,” The Albuquerque Journal, 2/22/15)

Even A Plurality Of Democrats Oppose Mandatory Union Fees. “The poll, conducted by Research & Polling Inc., shows that the “vast majority” of Republicans – 74 percent – oppose mandatory union fees, along with a plurality of Democrats – 47 percent. Independents came in at 68 percent in opposition.” (“Journal Poll: Voters Say Union Fees Should Not Be Mandatory,”The Albuquerque Journal2/22/15)



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