A final countdown is upon us, a countdown that gives all of us an opportunity to change the direction of New Mexico.

We have 100 days to vote Republican, 100 days to save the great state of New Mexico.

The Republican Party of New Mexico today launched a video campaign that sends out a strong message–it’s up to all of us to do everything we can to turn New Mexico red and set our state on a better, more prosperous course.

For too long New Mexico has felt the pangs of poverty and sat helplessly at the bottom of national lists in education, high-paying jobs and economic growth. We continue to feel the sting of widespread welfare and record-high crime, and we are an embarrassment to the nation under our current leadership in Santa Fe.

This must all change.

And it can. And we have 100 days to make it happen.

This election is a referendum on ourselves and our desire to make New Mexico the state it can be, that we want it to be, that it deserves to be.

We have 100 days to vote Republican and to save our state.