In Deeper Trouble: Hillary Clinton’s Main Excuse for Private Server Debunked by State Dept. Alum

Posted On June 1, 2016

In Deeper Trouble: Hillary Clinton’s Main Excuse for Private Server Debunked by State Dept. Alum

Albuquerque, NM – Hillary Clinton has been saying for upwards of a year that her use of a private email server was okay because her predecessors Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell used one as well, but a State Department watchdog who worked under Rice said that this was not the case.

As reported on Fox News, Rice never used a private server, and State Department Inspector General Howard Krongard said that if he had ever been asked to send her an email to a private account or received an email from a private account, he would have begun an investigation.

The Democrat Senate never confirmed a State Department Inspector General during Clinton’s tenure at State, and her use of a private server went unchecked and unchallenged until two years after she left the position.

“Hillary Clinton’s lies about her private server continue to unravel,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Spokesman Tucker Keene. “Clinton’s use of a private server and the fabrications she’s spun to justify it further drive home the point to American voters that Clinton will do anything she can to avoid oversight of her unethical behavior.”

Even while Hillary Clinton was making these claims last week, the current Inspector General released a report stating that Rice never used a private email address for official business, and while Powell used a private email address, he never used it for official business and took steps to ensure it remained secure as well. Conversely, Clinton exclusively conducted official business on her private server, and never took steps to secure the system.

“It seems every week we learn something new about Hillary Clinton’s dishonesty and disdain for transparency,” said Keene. “This latest report is as disqualifying as it is unsurprising. Clinton’s disregard for the truth and pattern of corruption have become such a part of her public persona that every story about her email server has been entirely predictable based on what the public already knows about her.”


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