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ICYMI: Rep. Kelly Fajardo Renews Fight to Protect NM Children from Sexual Predators

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Rep. Kelly Fajardo Renews Fight to Protect NM Children from Sexual Predators

Santa Fe, NM – Rep. Kelly Fajardo (R-Valencia) has pre-filed legislation to protect New Mexico’s children from receiving pornographic images from sexual predators. The bill, House Bill 71, marks the fourth time Fajardo has sponsored this effort.

Fajardo’s proposal would clarify language in the current statute relating to criminal sexual communication with a child to include all obscene images. Currently, individuals can only be charged with a crime if they send pornographic pictures of their own bodies. Fajardo’s bill would make it a fourth-degree felony to send or provide any obscene image to a child, regardless of whose body is depicted in the image. The law would apply to individuals who are at least four years older than the child victim.

“This bill closes a dangerous loophole in the current law that leaves our children vulnerable to sexual predators” said Fajardo. “This will by my fourth attempt to fix this gap in our system. Predators often use pornographic images to entice child victims. My bill strengthens the law and reinforces its original intent to shield our kids from those who try to exploit and harm them.”

Fajardo introduced similar legislation during the past three regular sessions. The House of Representatives passed her bills unanimously in each session, but the Senate has consistently failed to bring them to a floor vote.


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