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At Fundraiser for Ultra-Wealthy, Hillary Clinton Insults Millions of Voters

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At Fundraiser for Ultra-Wealthy, Hillary Clinton Insults Millions of Voters

Albuquerque, NM – At a fundraiser for the ultra-wealthy and Hollywood elite on Friday, Hillary Clinton took the stage to insult millions of hard-working Americans who support Donald Trump as “deplorable,” accusing them of racism and sexism.

“Hillary has once again shown she will take every opportunity to reinforce her perception that she and her elite supporters are in some way better than the rest of us.” said Republican Party of New Mexico Spokesman Tucker Keene. “This is a false and insulting narrative and Hillary’s insistence on repeating it should speak volumes to undecided voters in this election. Only Donald Trump will work for and respect the interests of all Americans, no matter who they support for president today.”

Hillary and her advisers are so out of touch with the electorate this year that they believe this attack on the integrity of millions will actually be helpful.

“It’s remarkable how wrong Hillary’s consultants are wrong on this and it shows how they never venture outside their own bubble of liberal elites,” said Keene. “While insulting middle America and fly-over states may be popular at fundraisers headlined by Barbara Streisand and the cocktail party crowd that Hillary has lived and worked among for decades, the vast majority of Americans do not appreciate being demeaned.”

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