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Democrat House Leader Egolf Represents Fracking Interests While Bashing Energy Industry

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Democrat House Leader Egolf Represents Fracking Interests While Bashing Energy Industry

Albuquerque, NM – Despite spending his career as a legislator attacking the energy industry and being in the tank with the anti-energy activists of the Democrat party, Democrat House Leader Brian Egolf will be representing a fracking company in court.

“Egolf wants to have it both ways,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Spokesman Tucker Keene. “He wants to hold onto his far-left base by routinely attacking the energy industry in our state, but he stands to earn a great deal of money fighting for these fracking interests in court.”

This particular case, reported in the Albuquerque Journal, involves a company trying to frack in a lake in an aquifer in Lea County containing fresh, drinkable water. Republican Land Commissioner Aubrey Dunn is asking the company to limit their fracking to the non-potable brackish areas of the aquifer, but Egolf is insisting that the company be allowed to frack in the fresh water portions of the aquifer, a hypocritical position to take considering Egolf’s history of being anti-fracking.

“The Journal article explicitly states that Egolf is being hypocritical by saying that he viewed this case ‘independent’ of his environmental priorities in the legislature,” said Keene. “In other words, he’s against fracking and other energy initiatives in New Mexico in front of the voters, but then he’ll throw away all of his environmentalist ‘ideals’ if the opportunity arises to make money. This is clearly cynical and hypocritical behavior from the man leading the House Democrats.”


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