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In DNC Acceptance Speech, Hillary Clinton Paints Unrealistic Portrait of America

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In DNC Acceptance Speech, Hillary Clinton Paints Unrealistic Portrait of America 

Albuquerque, NM – On the final night of the Democrat National Convention, Hillary Clinton spoke with undeserved optimism about the current state of America. Following four days of speakers trying to tell Americans they were much better off than they know themselves to be, Hillary doubled down and did the same.

“Hillary and the Democrats were speaking this week as if they hadn’t spoken to a single voter in the past eight years,” said Republican Party of New Mexico spokesman Tucker Keene. “Millions of Americans have given up looking for work, we face an unprecedented threat of terror from ISIS, and nearly 70 percent of voters think our country is on the wrong track. Yet this is the track that Hillary and the Democrats would not only like us to continue upon but want to speed up. They are out of touch with the lives of average Americans.”

Unlike the Democrats, Donald Trump and Mike Pence are in tune with everyday Americans and recognize that they’ve been unhappy with the direction President Obama and Hillary Clinton have taken our country. The voters want a candidate who will start actually addressing the issues they care about and bring leadership and strength back to this country.

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